Saudi SASO Certificate issuance made simple for Bongard

Bongard is a French company with a worldwide reputation for specialist bakery equipment, that faced ongoing challenges with SASO Certificate of Conformity issuance.

Supplying bakery equipment to clients in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait composed of many different machines or ovens, often quite heavy and large, they needed to have any problems caused by slow and overly complicated SASO Certificate issuance minimised.

Saudi SASO Certificate process made easy

Bongard started working with XDS in 2016 to obtain SASO Certificates of Conformity for Saudi Arabia and KUCAS (Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme) certification for Kuwait.

“We did start to work with XDS as the procedures to get SASO or KUCAS seemed to be much easier than with other organisations in France,” said Laetitia Fontaine, International Sales Assistant at Bongard, whose headquarters is based in Holtzheim near Strasbourg.

“We found procedures elsewhere became constantly ever more complicated and slow.”

Customs compliance challenges overcome by XDS

“Our customers do require SASO or KUCAS from us to enable us to export materials,” added Laetitia Fontaine. “Export rules become more and more difficult and if we wish to carry on expanding our sales abroad we need to be able to provide the certifications to our customers.

“We do appreciate the work our XDS account manager does, due to the efficiency and rapidity of getting the SASO certificate and KUCAS, without any delay.”

And with their export horizons broadening into Kenya and other parts of Africa in the future, Bongard are keen to see XDS Solutions continue to work with them to remove any customs compliance challenges and complications that could otherwise arise.

About XDS Solutions:

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