Industry leading turnaround times for SASO and SONCAP Certification.

In order to clear customs smoothly, your shipments will require mandatory certificates as part of the country’s Conformity Assessment Programme.  Including the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO Certificate) and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP Certificate).

XDS Solutions Ltd work with a number of approved and accredited inspection agencies, and provides industry leading turnaround times for issuance of Certificates of Conformity within the following regions:


Certification we can provide for the Middle East:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization Conformity Assesment Programme – SASO)
  • Kuwait (Kuwait Conformity Assurance Scheme – KUCAS)
  • Iraq (ICIGI Pre-Importation Inspection, Testing & Certification Program of Goods to Iraq)
  • Qatar (Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology (QGOSM) Certificate of Conformity)
  • Kurdistan – (The Kurdistan Standardization and Quality Control Administration (KSQCA) Certification)
  • Lebanon – (Industrial Research Institute (IRI) of Lebanon Pre-Shipment Programme of Conformity Verification)

Certification we can provide for Africa:

  • Nigeria (SONCAP – Standards Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Program)
  • Kenya (KEBS – Kenyan Bureau of Standards PVOC – Pre Export Verification of Conformity)
  •  Uganda (UNBS – Uganda National Bureau of Standards PVOC – Pre Export Verification of Conformity)
  •  Egypt (GEOIC – General Organization for Import and Export Control)
  •  Tanzania (TBS – Tanzania Bureau of Standards PVOC – Pre Export Verification of Conformity)
  •  Algeria Certificate of Conformity
  •  Botswana (BOBS – Botswana Bureau of Standards)
  •  Ethiopia Certificate of Conformity for Exports
  •  Libya Certificate of Conformity
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