Country of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (C of O) is an international trade document proving that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

Virtually every government in the world considers the origin of imported goods before deciding whether to grant customs clearance.  But the process is far from straight-forward.  That’s because the C of O requirements of each differ enormously, and are constantly evolving.

Our Country of Origin service is designed to simplify these complexities.  Your personal account manager will recommend the most economical and efficient route to meet your shipment’s C of O requirements.  Manage your C of O application process from beginning to end, and ensure that appropriate C of O documentation is available upon arrival to minimise delays and streamline customs clearance.

We can manage CO certification in the following regions:

  • ATR 1
  • EC Certificate of Origin
  • EUR 1
  • Arab Country of Origin
  • EC Arab Country of Origin

As well as:

  • Certification & legalisation of invoices
Country of Origin

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