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Lombard Shipping is a domestic and international logistics provider with operating centres in Ipswich, Belfast, Dublin, Huddersfield, Liverpool and Norwich transporting client’s goods from the UK and Ireland to destinations around the world.  The firm is governed by strict KPIs, and the team must ensure that cargo is released for export in a timely manner and all delivery requirements are met.  What happens then when SASO certificate issuance takes anything up to 4 weeks?  And is it possible to improve things?

We asked Steven Jordan, Office Manager at Lombard Shipping to talk us through the challenges he faced, and the changes he made to improve things:

“As a full trading member of the British International Freight Association we’re recognised around the world for the integrity and professionalism of our business.

Clients expect a comprehensive logistics services, encompassing door to door, sea freight, air freight, road freight, cross-trades, legalisation of documentation and marine cargo insurance.  Above all we must be on time and we must be cost effective.

We deal with many customers who export to Saudi Arabia and frequently shipments are required hastily.  It’s therefore vital that we can be confident of customs clearance, there is simply no room for delays in the issuance of a SASO Certificate.”

Slow Saudi SASO Certification

That’s why in 2016 Lombard Shipping recognised that the existing SASO Certificate process was no longer tenable.  The global inspection agency Steven and his team were using at the time could take up to 4 weeks to issue a SASO certificate.  Something needed to change.

Steven explains:

“It’s the responsibility of our Export Forwarding Team to ensure customer’s cargo is released for export in a timely manner and all delivery requirements are met.  However, this was becoming more and more difficult as SASO Certificate issuance was taking anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks”.

Make the switch

So, in 2016 Lombard Shipping began working with XDS Solutions, and took the decision to switch all its Saudi SASO certification from its existing provider.

Steven says the XDS team’s extensive Saudi SASO knowledge was noticeable straight away, with practical advice to ensure customer’s shipments find the quickest, most effective way to achieve compliance.

“XDS is outstanding.  Our Account Manager is incredibly knowledgeable about SASO certification, and thanks to their established contacts certificates are now being received far quicker.  Which in turn means exports are being sent quicker, and our customers are happy.”

About XDS Solutions:

Every step of your export document journey managed by us.  No more complex forms, no more frustrating processes, just a team of expert advisors who’ll move mountains to meet your SASO or SONCAP certification deadline.


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