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Navigating Nigerian Custom Compliance:  Understanding export requirements was easy, with help from XDS

EnerSys is the global leader in batteries, chargers and accessories for motive, reserve, aerospace and defence applications.

XDS Solutions has been providing fully managed export compliance services to the business’s Saudi Arabian and Nigerian export teams since August 2015.  We recently caught up with the EnerSys Shared Service Centre Export Team, to discover a little more about the challenges they faced as they expanded EnerSys exports into the Nigerian marketplace.

Exporting to Nigeria:

“Nigeria is a relatively new market for EnerSys, and we’re in the process of growing the export of reserve power batteries to telecoms and utility clients.  To begin with this meant we faced an incredibly steep learning curve when it comes to understanding product testing requirements and the Conformity Assessment Programme for Exports to Nigeria,” explained the EnerSys Shared Service Centre Export Team.

“We turned to XDS, and were immediately impressed by the quality of customer service we received.  We greatly appreciated the face to face meeting XDS organised.  It was incredibly effective, allowing them to understand our business, and for us to build a relationship with our personal account manager.

From the outset the team demonstrated an incredible depth of knowledge of Nigerian testing and export compliance, and took time to help us navigate the complex requirements.

We’ve been able to achieve greater cost efficiency, thanks to our XDS account manager’s proactive approach.  She has streamlined the process, cutting down on the number of compliance certificates requested, instead applying suitable certification already issued.

We’ve also been able to respond rapidly to export challenges as they arise, thanks to XDS being only a phone call away.  In one instance, we’d discovered last minute that the inspection carried out on goods in transit was not sufficient.  XDS acted immediately, using their knowledge of our business, and the requirements surrounding export compliance to find a solution in the short term, and avoid the problem occurring again in the future.

As EnerSys develops its business in Nigeria, we greatly appreciate the role XDS plays.  We find huge value in the tailored advice, unparalleled level of knowledge, and the flexible support at the end of the phone,” concluded the team.

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