SABER Update:

Throughout 2019 SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) have been gradually implementing products onto the SABER system.

As products are added onto the new system, they bring with them a newly written Technical Regulation (TR). Although many of the TRs have the previous regulations as a basis, they also have new requirements which many companies are being caught out by.

For many product types such as Textiles for Children, Detergents, and Batteries it is now a requirement that a Factory audit is in place in order for clearance to be arranged.

SASO has confirmed that ISO 9001 is not sufficient and that a SASO specific audit needs to be conducted encompassing subjects such as incoming material inspection, product test plans, processes and resource management.

As Saudi specialists we are able to arrange a fully SABER compliant audit anywhere in the world.


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Expert use of the SABER system with assistance from XDS Solutions will ensure you benefit from rapid processing and issuance of Certificates of Conformity and a reduction in the time it takes importing your products through Saudi customs.

XDS Solutions can offer a fully managed SABER solution. Customers benefit from reduced costs, increased efficiency and expert advice. Throughout the change from SASO to SABER, XDS Solutions are your supplier offering a certificate of conformity package tailored to your requirements.

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