Saudi Arabia SASO Certificate on the double, for this international exporter

Eaton MEDC is a global technology leader in power management solutions.  With specialised manufacturing plants building and supplying customised machines for clients around the world.  It’s a highly pressurised business and strict monthly targets keep projects on track.  But what happens when SASO certificate issuance slows this process down, and can anything be done to get it on track again?

We asked Elaine Renshaw, Shipping Assistant at Eaton’s Sutton in Ashfield manufacturing facility to talk us through her experience:

“Clients expect better, highly customised machines, faster and at a lower cost than ever before.  For the Eaton manufacturing facility in Sutton in Ashfield this means we’re focused on helping clients accelerate the electronic equipment design and build process for use in any hazardous and industrial area”.

“We then deliver this anywhere in the world with the support of Eaton’s application engineering teams and broad portfolio of globally approved standard components.  Client projects are fast paced and pressured, with mandatory monthly targets set for delivery.”

Slow Saudi SASO Certificate

That’s why in 2015 alarm bells began to ring for this time sensitive business, and the cause was the protracted issuance of Saudi SASO certificates.

Elaine explains:

“The monthly deadlines set within client projects are mandatory, and so when some of these deadlines began to be missed we knew we had to take steps to address matters.  At the time, we were working with a global inspection agency for issuance of our Saudi SASO certification.

But, the system was slow and could take up to 4 weeks.  Many inspections were required, we received a high number of requests for photography and paperwork was confusing and badly communicated.  This impacted our client shipments and put our supply chain under too many constraints”.

Make the switch

So, in late 2015 Eaton turned to XDS Solutions, taking the decision to switch all its Saudi SASO certification.

The business says the relationship was established immediately, and that it is incredibly impressed with the extensive Saudi SASO knowledge and service excellence delivered by its XDS Account Manager.

“XDS is excellent.  Our Account Manager is really helpful and comes back to us within a short space of time.  Most importantly though, the turnaround for SASO Certificate issuance is now very quick meaning we can operate comfortably within client deadlines and streamline our supply chain.”

“As our business grows customs compliance challenges are inevitable.  Especially as we export into other Middle East economies including Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.  We’re confident we’ll meet these challenges, and find the quickest, most effective way to achieve compliance certification with the help of XDS.”


About XDS Solutions:

Every step of your export document journey managed by us.  No more complex forms, no more frustrating processes, just a team of expert advisors who’ll move mountains to meet your SASO certification deadline.

We’re proud members of Institute of Export & International Trade – the UK’s only professional body representing international trade.

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