SASO delays eliminated for Bartec Vodec thanks to XDS support

Bartec Vodec specialises in the design, development, manufacture and commissioning of industrial telecommunications systems primarily for use in safety critical applications. Their systems are installed throughout the world and they export a significant amount of these to Saudi Arabia.

Quick and uncomplicated SASO Certificate of Conformity issuance is essential for the smooth running of their business. But this wasn’t always the case with their previous supplier, so they decided to switch to XDS Solutions in 2017.

Stephanie Scullion, Quality and Compliance Manager at Bartec Vodec, explained: “When I had an enquiry reach my inbox about SASO certification my heart used to sink. The whole certificate of conformity process was wearing, arduous, frustrating and confusing.

“But the account managers who have dealt with our SASO certification applications since we moved to XDS Solutions have been absolutely brilliant, and very reliable with anything that I have asked them to look in to.”

Slow SASO turnaround prompted the switch to XDS

From their headquarters in Nottingham, Bartec Vodec need to know that their SASO certificate issuance is in safe hands. However, before transferring their business to XDS Solutions, they did face ongoing export challenges.

“The supplier we used to use did not seem to follow a procedure as it never seemed to stay the same,” said Stephanie Scullion. “I was always dealing with someone different from the time before which meant I would need to explain the situation time and time again. If we had a turnaround of six weeks from initial application to receiving certification we thought we were doing well.

“This caused a lot of frustration, not only to Bartec Vodec but for our customers too. I kept a log of all the issues and found the applications took up a lot of my time. When we received draft certificates they were usually incorrect and this would add more time to the process.”

Looking forward to exporting to Saudi in the future

Managing every step of the export document process with a dedicated team of SASO experts ensures certificate issuance is fast and simple for XDS Solutions’ clients. And this is something Bartec Vodec would readily testify to.

“Using XDS has been a great move for Bartec Vodec. I have found the level of support from their staff to be brilliant,” added Stephanie Scullion.

“All responses are very prompt and helpful, and I feel confident everything is being dealt with correctly by XDS – so I don’t have to chase or ask them again for anything.

“Had we been using XDS initially I wouldn’t have considered SASO application to be any kind of issue. I look forward to carrying on working with XDS in the future.”

About XDS Solutions:

Every step of your export document journey managed by us. No more complex forms, no more frustrating processes, just a team of expert advisors who’ll move mountains to meet your SASO certification deadline.

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