Faster SASO Certificate delivers service performance excellence

Quinta Raddison has been at the forefront of supplying engineering spares to heavy Industrial plants worldwide since its formation in 1981. And yet, in 2016 this highly respected business was struggling with slow Certificate of Conformity documentation.  Delays to SASO Certificate issuance meant its ability to guarantee rapid delivery to client’s facilities was impacted and service performance KPIs were in danger of being affected as a result.

Anne Coughlan, Logistics Lead at Quinta Raddison, Inc. USA explains:

“Our Saudi Arabia business is well established and we supply an incredibly diverse range of continual process industries such as Power Generation, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Refining, Pulp & Paper, Cement, Marine & Offshore”.

“Back in late 2016 we were experiencing serious delays to our Saudi SASO certification process.  We’d been using a global inspection agency, and were struggling with month long delays for document reviewal, scheduling inspections and SASO certificate issuance”.

“There were many times where documents were provided and the inspection agency would misplace or not properly log/document receipt and request copies again after days or weeks had passed.  There was a huge lack of communication with the company which caused serious problems for us”.

“Worse still, these delays were causing our customers to become very upset with our service performance.  It was affecting our delivery times, and often causing our customer’s deadlines to be missed. Every time we thought we had everything in place, the inspection agency would tell us they needed one more piece of information or something additional before the SASO certificate could be issued”.

Make the switch

This was not a situation that could be allowed to continue.  So, in late 2016 Quinta Raddison turned to XDS Solutions, taking the decision to switch its global Saudi SASO certification.

The business says it was immediately impressed by the personal approach of their XDS Account Manager.  Who took the time to understand Quintar Raddison’s international requirements, the nature of the engineering spares the firm ships to Saudi on behalf of clients, and which proactive steps could be taken to streamline SASO certification process wherever possible.

Commenting, Anne Coughlan says:

“SASO certification is so much faster and simpler!  Our Account Manager not only understands our business, but is also an expert in SASO issuance.  Working with us to identify the exact technical documents needed based on our shipment. They also assist us in communicating with the manufactures and their compliance departments to get the correct documentation”.

The change felt within our business is immense.  The SASO process across our USA, UK and German operations is streamlined, hassle free and SASO certification now arrives within a matter of days, not months.”

The future looks incredibly bright for Quinta Raddison.  XDS Solutions will be on hand every step of the way with expert compliance advice and SASO certification to safeguard the supply chain and maintain service performance excellence for this world-renowned business.


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