The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization’s (SASO) past Energy Efficiency Label registration system is now closed.  It has been replaced entirely with a brand new EER registration system, which was first launched in March 2018.   XDS Solutions has been notified by SASO that Certificate of Conformity providers are no longer permitted to issue SASO Certificates based upon the old label types.


Energy Efficiency Label Enforcement

  • October 2018: Validity for all old type labels will end in October 2018.
  • October 2018: Enforcement of the new label requirement will then begin on factories and customs borders.
  • September 2019: Enforcement on markets within Saudi Arabia will begin in September 2019, meaning that products already on the shelves will need to have the new type labels on their packaging by this date.

In February 2018, SASO also announced new Energy Efficiency Label regulations and updates to existing regulations. Testing to the following standards by a SASO approved laboratory is required in order to apply for the new label types.

saso energy efficiency label

SASO Energy Efficiency Label

Stay informed – SASO Energy Efficiency Label Registration

Further updates are expected from SASO relating to the new Energy Efficiency Label Registration.

To understand more, ensure you stay up to date with the rollout of the new labelling scheme, and are notified of future changes as they happen register your details with our SASO Account Team via [email protected] or +44 01245 249002.


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