2019 has proven to be a difficult year for many importers and exporters when it comes to shipments into Saudi Arabia. Since January 2019, product types have gradually been introduced onto the new SABER system with many products no longer suitable for SASO COC’s. There is a huge amount of confusion on what needs SABER, what needs SASO, how to process, and the costs involved. At XDS Solutions we pride ourselves on simple, easy to understand advice when it comes to Saudi Arabian customs clearance. We aim to break down the SABER Myths and will offer straight forward solutions to your problems.


Do all products require SABER?

Product types have been gradually introduced throughout the year. Technical regulations have been introduced every few months to the system. Once a product category is introduced then SABER will be required for the HS codes listed in the technical regulations. Many products have pending technical regulations for the SABER system. Until they are enforced and become mandatory, then SASO COC’s are still required in order to clear the goods at customs. To find out what products are regulated and mandatory please click here.


Is SABER only required for electronic products?

For many years there has been confusion with regards to what requires SASO and what does not. The same is true with SABER. All items need some form of official clearance documentation at Saudi customs either through SASO, SABER, or some items requiring approval from SFDA or MOI. Even building materials such as steel and granite now require clearance through SABER. For a full list of products, please click here.


Does SABER registration only cost 500 Saudi Riyals (SAR)?

The SABER system requires some payments to be made via the SADAD portal. This is paid directly to SASO. The initial payment to open files is 500 SAR excl TAX. On top of this there are product fees, shipment certificate fees, and handling fees payable to certified bodies.

The initial 500 SAR excl VAT is only to open a file and is not the final cost. Contact us to get a full quote based on each file.


Do all regulated products need SABER registration?

Many items are listed as regulated on the SABER system. This simply means that they come under a new Saudi Technical Regulation (TR). Many regulations are not yet enforced and may have no enforcement date announced as yet. This means that a SASO COC can be issued until the regulation becomes enforced and subsequently mandatory, through SABER. The question is, why pay for a registration ahead of time when its not required? To check when your products become Regulated – Mandatory click here.


Is SABER easy to use?

Many users of the SABER system are now experiencing files being rejected. Although the system may appear simple to use, the technical regulations that are being enforced are often more difficult to comply to than the SASO COC was in the past. Many companies have found out the hard way that payments are non-refundable when a file is rejected. At XDS Solutions we will pre assess all files before any payments has been made meaning you can be 100% sure of compliance before taking the risk of losing money. Contact us to discuss.


Is it true that only importers can use SABER?

Although the SABER system requires Importers in Saudi to create a log in many Exporters are not comfortable with sharing confidential information such as datasheets and test reports. XDS Solutions can offer a solution to Exporters wanting to manage the process from start to finish and remain in control of their customs clearance. All fees can be paid by Importer, Exporter, Freight Company or Brokers. To find out more details, please contact us.


Are SASO certificates still accepted by Saudi Arabian customs?

SASO certificates are still accepted at customs for any product with a Technical regulation that has not yet been enforced, and become mandatory, on the SABER system. For a full list of products, click here.


Are SABER regulations the same as SASO’s?

Saudi Arabia is gradually introducing new regulations and requirements for many products. When a Technical regulation is enforced it often brings new requirements such as EER, IECEE, or Factory Audits. To discuss the Technical regulations for your product in detail, please contact us.


Do International HS codes work on the SABER system?

Saudi Arabia works off its own 12-digit HS codes. The Saudi HS code of the product dictates what technical regulations need to be complied to and whether SASO or SABER is required. Many 6 to 8 digit international HS codes don’t always match the Saudi Arabia 12 digit HS Code. 9 out of 10 times, HS codes need to be reassessed in order to identify the right one for your products. This can become very complicated. XDS is on hand to support you in identify the right HS code. Contact us today.


Is a Shipment COC still required for non-regulated products?

If an item is unregulated it still requires a Shipment COC. If an item is regulated, and enforced, it requires a product certificate and then a shipment COC for every shipment. The PCOC is valid for one year from date of issue. SASO are continuously assessing the HS codes they have listed in SABER, you may look up a HS code today and its non-regulated but next week SASO may have updated it to a regulated HS code. To keep up to date, please contact XDS Solutions.

How can XDS Solutions assist?

Specialising in Saudi Arabian customs clearance with a vast amount of experience with the SASO program, the team of experts at XDS Solutions can handle everything from Product Registration to Shipment Certificate of Conformity (CoC) – ensuring compliance, avoiding additional workload and offering the simplest SABER solution on the market.

Expert use of the SABER system with assistance from XDS Solutions will ensure you benefit from rapid processing and issuance of Certificates of Conformity and a reduction in the time it takes importing your products through Saudi customs.

XDS Solutions can offer a fully managed SABER solution. Customers benefit from reduced costs, increased efficiency and expert advice. Throughout the change from SASO to SABER, XDS Solutions are your supplier offering a certificate of conformity package tailored to your requirements.

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