Certificate issuance service crucial for global business AEG Power Solutions

AEG Power Solutions are a global provider of UPS systems and power electronic solutions for industrial, commercial, renewable and distributed energy markets worldwide.

With customers all over the world and a complex matrix of manufacturing base, sub-suppliers and certification issues to resolve, they needed a reliably quick supplier of SASO Certificate of Conformity issuance to turn to.

“We started working with XDS in 2015 mainly for SASO certification for Saudi Arabia at the start, and we’ve since also relied on XDS for SONCAP for Nigeria and PVOC for Kenya,” said Simon Taylor, Project Manager at AEG Power Solutions.

“We’re shipping often from our manufacturing centre in Chambray-Les-Tours in France, but XDS have also been able to provide us certification directly covering some of our sub-suppliers in other countries such as Sweden and Italy.”

Resolving SASO and SONCAP certification challenges

“Before working with XDS we were relying on two other well known agencies for our certification requirements,” added Simon Taylor.

“However, the process was often long, having to wait several weeks for product inspections, which always arrive at the end of the project, adding a variable delay to shipments.

“This had a direct impact on our ability to deliver, and often left a difficult situation to explain to customers.”

No shipment delays working with XDS Solutions

Simon Taylor says although he recognises there will always be day-to-day challenges in exporting to a global client base, he is delighted to be working with XDS Solutions to help address them for AEG Power Solutions as they arise.

“XDS are always ready and willing to respond to any questions or concerns that we may have about certification processes and are very reactive.

“Since working with XDS we’re able to avoid delaying shipments due to certification, which helps us to meet our commitments to our customers,” he explained, expecting the relationship to evolve and grow over time.

“We are concentrating on our international markets, where a large number of systems will be shipped to the Middle East and African countries from our French manufacturing centre. The certification requirements for these countries evolve so we shall be relying on XDS for their advice and guidance.”

About XDS Solutions:

Every step of your export document journey managed by us. No more complex forms, no more frustrating processes, just a team of expert advisors who’ll move mountains to meet your SASO and SONCAP certification deadline.

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