Nigeria SONCAP Certificate within 2 days for this worldwide steel business

With 15,000 tonnes of steel and raw materials on route to Nigeria, the rapid issuance of a compliant SONCAP Certificate is paramount.  And yet, historically this process may have taken anything up to 10 days for Stemcor London Trading Limited, an independent steel trader and distributor based in London.

We talk to Eileen Moody, Contracts Manager at Stemcor London Trading Limited, about how she took steps to improve the process:

“At Stemcor London Trading Limited we ensure clients choose the right grade of steel and raw materials, and then get that product in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.

“Nigeria plays an important part in our international business.  We have many long-term clients, and month on month ship anywhere between 5,000 and 18,000 tonnes of steel and raw materials from steel mills around the world into Nigerian Ports.  A SONCAP Certificate is a key link in this chain, with the power to seriously de-rail the supply chain if not issued quickly”.

Bureaucratic nightmare

Historically Stemcor London Trading Limited had used multiple global inspection agencies to secure SONCAP Certificate issuance for imports of steel and raw materials into Nigeria.  However, the process was slow, and there was no guarantee that the SONCAP Certificate would be issued within the required time-frame.

“The process was bureaucratic and incredibly frustrating.  We’d hand over the necessary documents, complete the required forms and then wait, without any certainty that the SONCAP Certificate would arrive in time.

Often, we’d have thousands of tonnes of steel and raw materials on route to Nigeria, and the inspection agencies would still be passing our file backwards and forwards between team members, at various offices around the world”.

“This resulted in up to 10 days delay in the issuance of a SONCAP Certificate.  Materials then delayed and held at Port, with additional costs coming back to us, and a negative impact on the relationship we have with our client and the shipping lines we use”.

Make the switch

In 2016 Stemcor London Trading Limited decided to switch all Nigerian SONCAP Certification to XDS Solutions and now gain a SONCAP Certificate of Conformity for shipments within an average of 2 days when inspections aren’t required.

“Turnaround is far superior and quality of service is excellent”, says Eileen.


“We have a dedicated Account Manager who is as concerned with our deadlines as we are.  We are not passed between international departments, asked to re-send forms again and again, or told that we should have begun the process sooner”.

“Instead XDS provides support from its UK and South Africa office, running our SONCAP Inspection and Certification process smoothly and without a hitch”.


About XDS Solutions:

Every step of your export document journey managed by us.  No more complex forms, no more frustrating processes, just a team of expert advisors who’ll move mountains to meet your SONCAP certificate deadline.

We’re proud members of Institute of Export & International Trade – the UK’s only professional body representing international trade.

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