SON Conformity Assessment Programme
for Exports to Nigeria (SONCAP)

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP) is the strict set of guidelines implemented by The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

It provides pre-shipment verification of conformity to standards required by Nigerian customs officials and verifies that products being imported into Nigeria conform with applicable NIS or approved equivalents, and technical regulations before shipment.

The SONCAP Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is a mandatory document used by the Nigerian Customs Services for clearance of goods going to Nigerian borders and ports.

All exports to Nigeria must comply.  No SONCAP certificate, no entry.

Which products must comply?

All products (except those listed in the exemption list) must apply for SONCAP certification, even if prior import arrangements are in place.

This includes toys, chemical products, electrical products, furniture and mechanical devices.

The products exempt from SONCAP certification (for now) are:
  • Food Products
  • Drugs (Medicines)
  • Medical Products (other than equipment and machines)
  • Chemicals used as Raw Material by bonafide manufacturers
  • Military Ware and Equipment
  • Used products other than automobiles

SONCAP requirements

  • To comply, each individual consignment of regulated goods must be accompanied by a SONCAP Certificate of Conformity (CoC).
  • This CoC must have been issued by an accredited inspection agency and submitted digitally to SON’s portal.

Stay informed – SONCAP CoC Shipment Compliance

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